Friday, September 11, 2009

A Word on Conspiracy Pundits.

Every year when 9/11 rolls around, there's always that batch of conspiracy theories and New World Order warnings that shower on us from the blogosphere, networking sites, even the mainstream media at times. I'm awfully sick of it, and I'll tell you why.

Did the government know more than they told us on 9/11? Sure, why not. Do they know where Osama is? Absolutely (although they can't get to him for diplomatic/political reasons). But think about this...The multitude of men and women working for our government/military have families themselves. And I'm pretty sure that not all of them are evil sadists. Given these reasonable assumptions, do you really think they would allow the government they work for to murder 3,000 people? And for what? Just to waste 5,000 more lives and $908 trillion? Give me a break.

Now to the good stuff: the NWO theories. These are the cream of the insanity crop. It's defenders will say that every event since the Kennedy assassination is nothing short of a buildup to institute a "New World Order" (in the style of 1984 from what I see) in which a totalitarian regime will take over the world. I think these people have been reading too many comic books. One group efficiently ruling the world is ludicrous in itself, but I'll break this down on a much smaller level: let's look at just our country. We are the most armed citizens in the world ( Also take into consideration how small a percentage of the populace our military is compared to say, North Korea or Estonia. Then, throw in the Oath Keepers and those members of our military with hearts and minds who would never EVER follow an order to round us up into death camps. It'll never happen.

So let's ease off on the H.G. Wells fantasies for the day, mmkay? Enjoy your freedom!!

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