Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Sky is NOT the Limit

The first paragraph says it best: If this decision goes through, our government will be wide open to corporate infiltration.

There is a simple and very significant reason why corporations are limited in their donations to candidates for any office: to minimize sway over officials on any given issue. If a tobacco company, for example, can make limitless donations to a Presidential candidate, and that candidate gets elected, then our new President will most assuredly be "pro-cigarette". The same goes for any corporate lobbyists. Make no mistake: politicians are very receptive of money (perhaps even considered bribes in some cases), especially if that money will aid them in succeeding in elections. The reason the Supreme Court has been fighting to limit donations for over a century is self-explanatory. Corporate financing of government operations will undoubtedly lead to the disintegration of democracy and any chance of voters wielding the influence our forefathers envisioned.

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