Monday, August 10, 2009

Lost Cause?

I'm not sure what our gov't is hoping to achieve through talks with North Korea. So far, they have demonstrated a complete unwillingness to work with other nations and to listen to any incentives offered by the UN to dismantle their nukes. So why are we bothering?

Here's the thing about North Korea. The people there have no voice. Their only real face-to-the-world is Kim Jong-Il, who is a 100% grade-A nutcase. The concerns of his citizens don't matter to him. All that matters is that North Korea looks tough to everyone else. We'll never reason with them, because the only voice we hear is that of fanatical jerkoffs who like to brag about their inflatable 10-inch dicks. I've said this many times: they won't use their nukes, because half the world would come crashing down on them if they tried.

So let's focus on our own shit and leave them to their devices. I'm sure Ms. Clinton has better things to do.

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