Monday, August 10, 2009

I Am An American

Protesting is "un-American"? Really? Well, I'll be damned. Because I'm pretty sure protesting is how our country was founded.

It's funny how the media only shows the noisy, obnoxious town meetings and ignores the other 98% of the country's political forums. The county freeholders and local city meetings by me in Jersey aren't loud and violent. And I'm sure they're not in 98% of the rest of the country. But you'll never hear that in the (liberal) news.

This lady is really delusional. She actually believes that this health care bill will have every American citizen covered and secure. Whether it does or doesn't (it won't, because the Fed can't afford it...unless they raise taxes, of course ;) ), they could drum up so much more support by simply removing the language in the bill that strips private insurance options from employers after the bill takes effect. Outlawing our right to choose between private and public insurance is outright authoritarian.

Ms. Botox, YOU are the un-American one here.

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