Monday, September 7, 2009

Bad Impressions

More fuel for my undying hatred of the mainstream news.

Every corporate news organization (except Fox, which is unfortunate because they're just as misguided on many other topics) is spreading nothing but misinformation about our movement. At this point, it is purely malicious. There can be no debate about that. They do not take any account on how many Democrats have shown up to the tea parties and other protests. Of course not! It would destroy their credibility. Sadly, most people have their daily news reports spoon-fed to them by these ignorant cowards. Yes, cowards. Every time a free-market capitalist, libertarian, or an anarchist has debated a Democrat or Republican pundit, they have soundly annihilated them. Because of this, most of these news media asshats are afraid that they'll look like fools and Americans will get wise to White House antics.

p.s. - I love this guy.

People should always be sure to read from independent news sites. Even if they're biased a certain way, they are done by the last investigative journalists left on the Internet, so you can be sure they're more accurate. There are many of these sites, just look them up on Google. I recommend the Associated Press, which is essentially the news before it gets edited.

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