Saturday, August 15, 2009

Voices Devalued

It's sad...In many articles I read about the Obama administration's response to criticism and protest over the health care plan, they accuse corporate insurance rivals of "sending" people to protest at conferences and town meetings. Similarly, they accuse protestors of merely attempting to incite riots instead of making intelligent discourse. And the worst part is that the media caters to this line of thought. Naturally, 85% of media corporations are liberal-leaning, but I don't believe that liberalism is synonymous with dishonesty. And the same applies to conservatism.

So why is the media allowing this bullshit? Why are they focusing on the few protests where people have begun screaming and pushing, when the vast majority of protestors are calmly and collectively stepping forward to voice their concerns? Like I said before, considering the media's leftist slant, I can understand why they're trying to push favor towards Obama, but there's a line. This is blatant disrespect of journalistic integrity.

Bottom line...Protesting has all but lost it's reverence and value. This nationwide debate has ruined the image of people banding together to voice what they believe to be right. Now they're treated like hired thugs.

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