Sunday, August 30, 2009

Michael Moore: A Douche Story

So Michael Moore is releasing a new movie entitled "Capitalism: A Love Story". From watching the trailer, I can conclude that this is yet another poorly-substantiated work from a very disenchanted individual who should probably be living in China.

I have always chafed upon the mention of Michael Moore's name, simply because he's a douche. He's not a douche because he has an opinion; he has every right to express it. He's not a douche because he confronts political opponents; this is also the right of the citizens which they govern. He is a douche because he distorts statistics and historical facts to meet his own ends. That is the WORST kind of activist. The sad part is that millions of people actually buy into his bullshit! The first movie of his that I watched in full was "Bowling for Columbine". I watched as he portrayed guns as the ultimate evil and the killers of children. He made Charleton Heston look like the Devil, even after Heston successfully rebutted most of Moore's complaints. At no point in the movie did Moore cite any professional studies regarding the effect of gun presence on the populace. This is probably because if he showed the results of such a study, it would prove him wrong (see Florida r.t.c. laws 1987-present)

The same is illustrated in the trailer for his new movie. He walks along Wall Street, harassing corporate officials at each major building he passes...Without any substantiated fact or even an attempt at such. This man is the bane of intelligent discourse. He is an irresponsible asshole for putting out biased misinformation regarding America's issues, and I believe he does it solely for profit. If he actually gave a shit about and believed in liberalism, he would defend it with research and facts. But, he never does, so I'm inclined to believe that he is just another "celebutard".

He also just recently jumped on the bandwagon with Rep. Diane Watson saying that Cuban health care is amazing. I would LOVE to see some testimonials to that from Cubans who don't have a gun pointed to their head.

John Stossel already pummeled Moore's utopia, but I would love to see Moore debate someone like Murray Rothbard (were he still alive) or Lew Rockwell. It would be a show for the ages.


  1. Isn't capitalism amazing? It even has room to cater to the anti-market market, and it can make a socialist college dropout like Michael Moore a fabulously wealthy man. All he has to do is provide a good or service that people want, and for which they are willing to enter into a voluntary exchange to consume. He's quite the capitalist when you think about it.

  2. I never thought about it that way, lol, very true!!